Winner Mindset

Mountain View, CaliforniaDecember 2013

I am 19. I’m working two days a day. I sleep under my work bench and I’m fine eating ramen all day every day. I’m fine serving people in McDonalds. I’m fine being poor and without a girlfriend.

I’m fine. Why? Because these are steps on the ladder and not a constant state of who I am. Because I like to think that everything I do serves the purpose of my self improvement. If anything is unique in me is that I either see the choices I face related to my vision or not.

Why? Because I do have a vision and I accept my place in the world. I understand building something big has many stages. Even if I’m on the bottom I’m still on the stage! So many people forgot that! I'm not just appreciating success as it is but the sheer focused mentality behind of that.

With this mindset I feel that I'm going somewhere and along the way I keep finding more and more valuable experiences, wisdom and friends. In a way I already feel that I’m successful.

The vision is different for everyone, but the feeling of satisfaction or failure is the same. What differentiates successful people from the rest is the way they react to these emotions. There is even an answer for the rare case when absolutely everything fails.

The answer is change:

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change... We all have limits, once we accept them, we go beyond them."
— Albert Einstein

So I just keep changing until my life gets better than my dreams.