The "Crazy Ones" are Humble

Los Altos Hills, CaliforniaApril 17, 2017

Being humble is not about feeling lack of significance. The humble person realizes it’s own limits within the world and yearns to extend it by silencing her ego to give more importance to the outside world, in which she wants a bigger part. A personality in growth must be a receptive student ready for her next lesson. Being humble is the sign of outbound curiosity. A sign that a person hasn’t reached it’s limits yet. A sign for getting ready for growth and more responsibility.

To the contrary the proud person feels no limit and requires no teacher anymore. Being proud is a sign for one’s belief in her personality being completed. If the personality is built on solid foundation being proud could become a short-term tool for growth.

On the other hand being proud for having a half completed personality, in a good case leads to stagnation, but more likely in a downfall with a series of power abuse, boundaries crossed, damaged reputation, wealth and friendships lost.

We can all see the difference between the humble apprentice and the proud master. Yet the apprentice who sees the student in his masters is the one who is the closest to join them. Although a personality might be completed, there is no such thing as a finished person.

A person can have many personalities. Realizing it or not we are all students of something. We are all actors, artists, lovers, friends, philosophers, hobbyist, kids or parents and we all serve others. You can be proud for being a great parent for raising good hearted smart kids. Yet to learn something new like playing on the guitar will make you a rookie. You’ll need to jump back into your humble suits and play the student regardless of your age and accomplishments.

I only see two fast tracks for personal growth. Join and follow a master or recruit humble companions for your journey and grow together. When you can do either and still remain humble, doors will open for you. Doors that will test your endurance and your humbleness and the moment you give up hope doors will close as fast as they were opened.

I'm no leader; I'm a little humble follower.
— Muhammad Ali